Power and Precision of Big Data for a Simple Customer Experience

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Customer data is complex, but it’s a key to simplicity.

If our activation campaigns seem so simple on the surface, it is because they leverage algorithms and a dynamic ecosystem with deeply complex mechanisms.

With billions of collected data and millions more every day, our system is constantly expanding and working in continuous learning. As our knowledge of purchasing behavior improves, our solution becomes more complex in the back office and simpler in the front office.

The more we know, the better we serve you, the more you sell and the more we know… In fact, it’s not that complicated!

Understanding customer needs through their data

Because we analyze hundreds of thousands of shopper behaviors every day, we understand the shopper and their expectations. This allows us to offer them a simple and fluid shopping experience. The more efficient the journey, the better the conversion!

In Practice for Brands

For you too the process is simple, we propose a plug and play solution to ensure the smooth running of the campaign.

We analyze your needs and define an implementation strategy specific to your brand. No other action on your side, we take care of the integration of campaigns on all types of platforms: Drive, Mobile & Applications.

Once the campaign is over, we present you with a complete report and help you improve your sales performance. Let’s do it again?

The Effectiveness of Simplicity

With simplicity comes pragmatism. The seamless integration of Lucky cart solutions guarantees simplicity and efficiency and adds a playful aspect and emphasis without affecting the price.

Personalization makes it possible to provide a relevant offer almost every time, which encourages the purchasing decision.

Every time a shopper tries their luck, everyone wins!

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