Make it simple

In a particularly complex business sector, at the heart of technology, data and distribution, we want to offer pragmatic solutions for our customers, simple and engaging for shoppers and accessible to the greatest number.

Human after all

We firmly believe that collective intelligence, encounters, human relations, respect for all, and varied profiles are essential to be creative, understand needs and innovate.

A pinch of madness

We like this little pinch of madness, this temporary delirium, this discrepancy both in our staff and in our approach. At Lucky cart we try, we fail, we get back up, we learn… To always go further, to move forward, we are all a tiny bit crazy and we cultivate our ‘bit of madness’ with care!

« Our expertise allows us to animate e-shops in an ultra-personalized, fun and profitable way. »

« Our purpose is to accompany retailers and brands to strategically and effectively engage the shopper on a daily basis during their online purchases.

Our expertise in data analysis and the understanding of shopping profiles on an individual level as well as on a very large scale, allows us to animate e-shops in an ultra-personalized, fun and profitable way. »

Romain Charles – CEO

Our expertise

French DataTech based in the heart of Paris, we use our proprietary technologies to exploit the receipt / first party data of our retail partners.

We process the data using Artificial Intelligence and then activate it in a simple, fun, precise and effective way in E-Retail Media.

Our mission is to offer manufacturers the opportunity to engage their shoppers with customized and ultra-personalized animations for 90% of the French Drive network. Our data science methods enable us to respond daily to the new challenges of online commerce.

Lucky cart it’s also and above all experienced teams, specialized in their fields and complementary, who work every day to make all our actions accessible and understandable.

Data science experts who are looking for practical applications and not just theory.

FMCG specialists who see an incredible potential for mass distribution and in particular e-commerce.

Developers to make it all work in real time for consumers, retailers and brands.