Each campaign is different, no two are alike. We do mass communication in 1to1.

We define the mechanics according to the challenges of each brand and each retailer, then customize and personalize them according to the purchasing habits of each shopper, instantly.

Each campaign is adapted according to the needs, challenges and business results.

A simple, fun and surprising system

We integrate campaigns on the Drive that allow shoppers to play to win their entire basket. A mechanism that fits in perfectly with the consumer’s shopping experience.

A nice surprise at the end of the shopping trip.

Deep learning
and expertise

Ces données sont au cœur de notre processus itératif. Elle est constamment croisée, comparée et décryptée afin d’optimiser notre connaissance des habitudes d’achat.

This analysis is based on the expertise of our data scientists and on the use of cutting-edge technologies combining data processing, algorithms, artificial intelligence and research.

A seamless customer journey

Our solutions are integrated directly into the Drives sites of our partners. We design our activations to be impactful, visible and non-intrusive for the shopper. We ensure a smooth customer experience and whatever their purchasing journey: home page, category pages, search, we offer them personalized communications through the prism of their purchase history.

Our data tech solutions are based on the obligation to purchase. Thanks to the analysis of receipt data and the use of dynamic profiles, we offer the game once the order has been confirmed. Two scenarios are possible:

1. The shopper wins and we refund the full amount of their shopping cart.

2. He loses and we still offer him a reward for his participation.

Our mechanics are 100% winners.

We present two examples of courses at two partner brands.


Focus on business performance

Lucky cart campaigns set you apart from the competition and focus on your sales, not just your visibility.

Our mechanics ensure that your campaigns are effective and that you are satisfied.

  • Banners displayed at key stages during the purchase.
  • Simple mechanics that facilitate the buying decision.
  • Promote without promoting.

Anticipating the challenges of tomorrow

Lucky cart helps you meet your business objectives.

  • Better knowledge of your consumers’ purchasing habits.
  • Access to highly accurate measurements.
  • Explained campaign results.