Our purpose is to support retailers and brands to strategically and effectively engage shoppers on a daily basis during their online purchases.

Our expertise in data analysis and understanding of shopping profiles on an individual level as well as on a very large scale, allows us to animate e-shops in an ultra-personalized, fun and profitable way.”

Romain Charles – CEO

A rich and committed multidisciplinary team.

Within a very pleasant working environment, the Lucky cart teams are talented, united and growing. Each team member combines technical know-how, methodology and passion in the service of common missions and projects.

One central point of Lucky cart’s culture is to ensure that the GDPR commitments made to our retail partners and brands are respected. The compliance of data processing is carried out by all of our professions and the monitoring of these specifications is an absolute priority for Lucky cart.

An adventure of enthusiasts

Lucky cart it’s also and above all experienced teams, specialized in their fields and complementary to each other, who work every day to make all our actions accessible and understandable.


Our management team sets the course, strategy, vision and ambitions of the company.


Our Marketing / Communication team works to promote the company to our clients and also to our (future) talents and more broadly externally to a captive audience such as Press Relations, Public Relations, Social Networks…


The Sales team brings together all the commercial and customer relations expertise in four areas: Brands, Retail, Agency and CSM.

As privileged contacts, they work on a daily basis to identify and understand their strategic and business challenges of today and tomorrow, in order to provide appropriate responses.

Data & BIM

Our Data team has three major missions: the prediction of purchasing trends, business insights on both our operations and the market as a whole, and the construction of systems based on an architecture that responds well to Big Data issues.

Our Chief Sciences & Data Officer and his team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts work hard every day to create and develop in-house algorithms that will be decisive and disruptive for our industrial and retail customers.

Our Data team is supported by our Business Insight team, which works hard every day to produce qualitative and quantitative analyses for every campaign. The aim is to ensure that the recommendations made in advance are correct, that the operation has generated incremental revenue and that our action is successful.


Our Tech team is a fundamental pillar on which all Lucky cart businesses rely to improve the shopping experience of millions of shoppers every day.

They are not just developers but a core team without whom our solutions would not be possible.

Versatile professions, with code and R&D as the highlight of their daily lives. Stabilizing the existing system, solving bugs, creating new functionalities… A rich and motivating daily life led by our CTO.


The Product team’s mission is to build the Retail tech products of tomorrow, which will bring value to both retailers and manufacturers in the very near future. Our quest: to provide the best possible shopping experience for shoppers!

Accompanied by the Product Design team, she works on the user experience of our products, to make them as easy to use and attractive as possible.

Our partners