Billions of data collected

Every day and for the past 10 years, we have been processing millions of purchase data to refine our knowledge of consumer habits specific to e-commerce.

At the heart of Lucky cart, we create and develop in-house algorithms that will be decisive and disruptive for our industrial and retail clients. Continuous data analysis and processing allows us to help our clients to better respond to the evolution of their market and to shoppers’ expectations.

Prediction tools

Thanks to our predictive tools, we can anticipate purchasing behavior as accurately as possible and thus develop incremental business. And thanks to our Machine Learning tools, we can shape, correct and perfect all our campaigns with the one and only goal: business success.

This is why we describe ourselves as “habit shapers”.

Ultra-personalized, and therefore ultra-relevant

Knowing more about consumers’ purchasing habits gives brands the opportunity to create ultra-personalized campaigns.

Targeted campaigns that take into account shoppers’ past purchasing behavior and anticipate their future needs by proposing offers adapted to their needs and to our partners’ objectives.

The end of a campaign and the beginning of new opportunities

At Lucky cart, precision is the key to our choices. We design exhaustive and factual reports to highlight the results of campaigns.

These reports are refined according to the needs of the brands and include measures such as: recruitment, reactivation, retention, incremental volume.