For shoppers

Offers that fit you

Thanks to the processing of data by our algorithms and the use of Machine Learning, we are able to propose highly personalized offers to shoppers. This means that the offers proposed will interest them at the right time because we are able to predict their needs by paying particular attention to their consumption habits.

Anonymised data and compliance with GDPR rules

Although we offer highly personalized services, at Lucky cart we process first party data, i.e. receipt data. We do not have access to socio-demo data, geolocation data… and they would not be of interest to us, to you.

A fluid and fun journey

We have one obsession: shopper centric! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them to access our offers and activations.

For them, everything happens directly on their distributor’s website, no need to look for a code or wait for an email to play. The result is immediate, an imperative for the Lucky cart teams!

A helping hand in everyday life (gain)

Our solution is based on an end result that is particularly appreciated by the shopper and generates satisfaction (very big even!). Our activations give the shopper the opportunity to win the refund of their shopping basket, no less!