For brands / agencies

Maximum visibility

• Lucky cart covers 90% of the drive-throughs in France. We have the best E-Retail Media presence to support your products, your ranges, your brand.

• Highly visible locations: our campaigns are broadcast on the most relevant and visible retail inventories. Thanks to this premium display, your products are put forward in an optimal way.

Recruit new customers and generate incremental business

Building customer loyalty is great, but recruiting new customers is (even) better! Each of our campaigns is personalized according to the purchase history, usage and behavior of each shopper. Our mission is to transform the complexity of Big Data into simple, impactful, fun activations to move towards 1to1 mass communication.

On average, our activations generate +20% of shopping cart purchases, which is not negligible!

Cost control

With us, there are no surprises at the end of the operation with an additional budget due to an overrun in generosity. Thanks to our predictive tools used upstream of the campaigns, we are able to provide you with a clear budget visibility without any surprises.

Every euro committed will be spent and every euro spent will be managed in the best possible way to bring you additional business and reach your marketing objectives.

Reliable, in-depth reports

After each activation, our Data and BIM teams work on a campaign assessment to bring you all the light on the results, on the incremental sales generated and thus in fine on the incremental turnover that our activations have generated.

Our devices are non-intrusive for the shopper

At Lucky cart, we make sure that the shopper’s journey is as smooth and as non-intrusive as possible. Our banners are strategically located and fit perfectly on e-commerce sites.

We prioritize the quality of our offers and banners over quantity, so the shopper is not over-solicited.