No campaign is like another, we define a tailor-made mechanism for brand X, distributor Y and shopper Z, at time T.

A simple, playful and
surprising solution

We integrate campaigns on e-commerce website that allow shoppers to play to win their entire basket. A mechanism that fits perfectly into the consumer’s purchasing journey. A good surprise at the end of the purchase.


20% increase in the average basket

Our campaigns make it possible to target and anticipate purchasing behavior. They thereby contribute to increasing the average basket of shoppers.

Anti-fraud system

We set up an algorithm allowing the monitoring and management of potential fraud.

How does it
work ?

We propose campaigns tailored
to the needs of each brand.

How does it
work ?

We take care of all technical aspects.

Goals definition

We work with brands to define campaign objectives and find the right solutions. Whether it’s a product launch, recruitment, loyalty, etc. We propose ultra-personalized campaigns on a massive scale, or campaigns with a common offer for a profiled population.

A/B tests

We use A/B tests to closely measure the effectiveness of our activations. We offer a different campaign to a minimal share of shoppers. To do this, we identify and use twin purchasing profiles to limit bias.

Integration & campaign’s review

We take care of the technical integration of the campaign on the e-commerce website of the brands and the real-time management of the activation. At the end of the campaign, we analyze the results with recruitment figures, reactivation, incremental volume with maximum granularity.

Full integration of campaigns

Our team takes care of both the technical integration and the webcast of brand campaigns on distributor’s platforms: website, mobile or e-retail application.

Collecting receipts

Following the payment of the cart, the receipts are automatically collected and analysed. All this in compliance with privacy policies.