Billions of data collected, processed and analyzed.

Every day, we process millions of purchase data to refine our knowledge of consumer habits specific to e-commerce.

These continuous analyzes allow our activations to improve and adapt to changes at each cycle.

This is why we describe ourselves as “habit shapers”.

Deep learning
and expertise

These data are at the heart of our iterative process, they are constantly crossed, compared, deciphered in order to optimize our knowledge of purchasing habits.

This analysis is based on the expertise of our data scientists and on the use of cutting-edge technologies combining data processing, algorithms, artificial intelligence and research.

Ultra-personalized, and therefore ultra-relevant

Knowing consumers’ buying habits better means giving brands the opportunity to create ultra-personalized campaigns. Forget static targeting and switch to dynamic profiling.

Campaigns that take into account the past purchasing behavior of each shopper and anticipate their future behavior by proposing them offers adapted to their needs and the objectives of our partners.

The end of a campaign and
the beginning of new opportunities

At Lucky cart precision guides our choices. We design comprehensive and factual reports to highlight campaign results.

These assessments are refined according to the needs of the brands and include measures such as: recruitment, reactivation, loyalty, incremental volume.