How did Lustucru Premium Groupe boost sales with one of our solutions?

Since 2019, the partnership between Lustucru Premium Groupe and Lucky carture has continued, enabling us to carry out multiple digital activations.

Lustucru Premium Groupe stands for Lustucru Sélection and Taureau Ailé, among others. These are heritage brands purchased by nearly 70% of the French population. At the heart of households and thanks to our coverage of over 90% of Drives in France, the association is effective.

Every day, Lucky cart processes millions of purchase data to improve our knowledge of consumer habits, specific to e-commerce. A better understanding of shoppers’ purchasing habits enables Lustucru Premium Groupe to communicate with its customers and future customers in an ultra-personalized way.

Thanks to our ultra-personalized campaigns, we can address digital shoppers throughout their purchasing journey, in the right place, at the right time.

L’objectif : lui apporter une information qualitative, une offre personnalisée, pour favoriser la conversion à l’achat.

Lucky cart est un des seuls acteurs du marché à proposer des activations digitales avec un kpi’s majeur : la conversion (pi : kpi’s différent de la mise en panier qui ne permet pas de confirmer l’achat). 

Lustucru Premium Groupe works with Lucky cart throughout the year to increase conversion, build customer loyalty and recruit new consumers, as close as possible to the act of purchase.
Boosting sales, developing turnover and generating incrementality are the major objectives of Lustucru Premium Groupe.

“Today, we have confidence in Lucky Cart’s ability to carry out successful operations. We can go even further in terms of shopper data and displaying the right offer, at the right time, to the right person. Lucky cart is one of the only players in France to be able to target 90% of the E-retail media in France with a digital operation”.

Caroline Gros – Head of e-commerce & Master datas at Lustucru Premium Groupe

What’s Focus On Performance by Lucky cart?

Lucky cart has created a unique, made-to-measure digital activation that achieves guaranteed incremental sales on activated references or brands, over a defined period and at the National. It’s called Focus On Performance by Lucky cart.
Yes, but how?

We activate the entire partner base, i.e. +90% of Drives in France. We then manage the campaigns over a minimum period of 2 months, with the following main objectives:

  • Ensure operational excellence 
  • Manage the campaigns on a day-to-day basis to reach the target as quickly as possible.

The special feature of this activation: we commit to a guaranteed incremental sales figure, and will do everything in our power to meet or exceed it.

Lucky cart manages the entire process (budget and visibility) from A to Z, with the full confidence of the manufacturer.

“What’s interesting about the Focus on Performance mechanism is that if the objective is not achieved, Lucky Cart, as guarantor of the mechanism, extends (or not) the operation to achieve the KPI’s validated upstream”.

Caroline Gros – Head of e-commerce & Master datas at Lustucru Premium Groupe

And Focus on performance for Lustucru Premium Groupe?

Caroline Gros, Head of E-commerce and Master Data at Lustucru Premium Groupe, entrusted Lucky cart with the implementation of this digital activation at the end of 2022.

The objective: to generate incremental sales on two brands: Lustucru Sélection and Taureau Ailé.

The results were well above the kpi’s validated prior to the operation:

  • +7 million total impressions
  • 25% of shoppers reached and +10% reactivated
  • ROI generated between 3 and 3.5

“We left the freedom and autonomy to Lucky cart, which has excellent operational follow-up. We had no worries about success and meeting objectives.”

Caroline Gros – Head of e-commerce & Master datas at Lustucru Premium Groupe

A complete, robust and incremental system that works, enabling a single digital activation to work on +90% of the Drive network in France, across multiple banners and devices (desktop, mobile, app).

Focus on performance by Lucky cart works. Are we talking about it?