Economie Matin article : Lucky Cart, the French data tech revolutionizing e-retail media

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Press coverage by Economie Matin on 10.05.2023

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Press coverage: Economie Matin article: Lucky Cart, the French data tech revolutionizing e-retail media


E-retail media is taking on a major role in the retail market. This new way of communicating with consumers is made possible by data technology. Lucky Cart, a French company, is a leader in this field, offering proprietary technologies to predict consumer consumption and expectations in an ultra-personalized way. Let’s find out more about this fast-growing company.

What is Lucky Cart’s role in e-retail media?

Lucky Cart, a specialist in e-retail media, is a data tech that exploits the sales receipt / first party data of its retail partners, with a national coverage of over 90%. The company uses artificial intelligence to process this data and activate it in a simple, fun way. Lucky Cart’s aim is to engage consumers with customized, personalized animations to convert them to purchase.

For retailers, Lucky Cart helps optimize their investments by personalizing offers for customers, and measures the return on investment of these promotional offers. The ultimate goal is to better meet customer expectations by anticipating their needs with ultra-personalized and relevant offers.

Lucky Cart’s figures speak for themselves

Since its creation, Lucky Cart has carved out a place for itself in the world of e-retail media thanks to its proprietary technologies. Here are some of the company’s key figures:

– More than 50 employees and a dozen new hires planned for 2023

– Over 90% national coverage of mass retailers (Groupe Casino, Intermarché, Carrefour, E.Leclerc…)

– 20 billion lines of receipts analyzed

– 18.5 million activatable customers

These figures show that Lucky Cart is a fast-growing company that has conquered a constantly evolving market.

Lucky Cart, a company revolutionizing e-retail media

Lucky Cart is a French company at the cutting edge of e-retail media. The company’s proprietary technologies enable optimal personalization of offers for customers by anticipating their expectations and needs. The company also enables retailers to optimize their promotional investments by accurately measuring their return on investment.

Lucky Cart is revolutionizing e-retail media by offering a new way of communicating with consumers. The company is a leader in the field thanks to its expertise and innovative technologies. It contributes to the development of retail and mass distribution by proposing ultra-personalized offers that are relevant to consumers.

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