Performance measurement: One of the keys to success

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Precision is difficult to acquire, but critical.

As our solution operates on deep learning and continuous learning models, we pay great attention to our measurements. The more precise and solid they are, the better the learning and confidence in the machine.

We minimize noise (variance), biases in the methodological (questionable hypothesis) and statistical sense with a single goal: to obtain the most reliable and precise results for our partners and our iterative process.

Importance of A/B testing.

At Lucky cart, we love A/B testing.

Why ? Because it is the scientific reference method. Extremely reliable, it is based on 2 twin groups studied exactly over the same periods and through a large number of criteria and it minimizes biases as much as possible.

The A/B test allows us to identify to what extent the campaign has made it possible to generate incremental sales with the exposed group compared to the control or placebo group, regardless of the external hazards/economic situation.

What could be more reassuring?

Lucky cart measurements.

We present you with complete reports, delivered systematically and at no additional cost. They highlight classic visibility KPIs such as: impressions, click-through rates, top placements, etc.
But above all, we provide more advanced sales KPIs.

By relying on A/B tests, we are able to give you a very interesting level of granularity up to the turnover from recruited customers, reactivated customers or loyal customers for your campaign.

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