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CSM : Driving customer success and business growth

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Matthieu Hamel, Marketing & Communication Project Manager at Lucky cart. 22.06.2023

Lucky cart CSM team

Customer Success Manager, the keystone of an organization

The job of Customer Success Manager, or CSM, is a key role in companies that focus on customer satisfaction (in Lucky cart’s case, they are several type of customer : shopper, industrial and retailer. But I’ll tell you more about that later 😉). In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what a Customer Success Manager does, his or her main missions, as well as their importance for the company.

What exactly is a Customer Success Manager?

A Customer Success Manager is a key position, responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and the correct use of the products or services offered by the company. The CSM’s role is to support customers in their digital activations, providing answers, advice and support tailored to their needs. The ultimate goal of the Customer Success Manager is to ensure that customers are satisfied and loyal to the company.

The CSM generally works closely with the sales and marketing teams to ensure that customers have the best possible experience. He or she may also work with product teams to gather key information on customer needs, in order to optimize the quality and relevance of the products and services offered.

Let’s talk about CSM at Lucky cart

At Lucky cart, the CSMs are the guarantors of both customer satisfaction and what we call operational excellence. Lucky cart is unique because we have 3 different types of customer : brands, retailers and shoppers. Through their various missions, CSMs will therefore be responsible for maintaining customer relations on several fronts. Here are their main missions:

Operational management

At Lucky cart, the CSM’s main mission is to manage the implementation of promotional campaigns sold by the sales team. They take charge from the sale to the end of the operation: exchanges with the brand and the retailer to obtain the information needed to set up the operation, configuration, launch, testing, performance monitoring and operation management. All these aspects lead to operational excellence and customer satisfaction (brand, retailer and shopper).

Shopper Support

The CSM is also responsible for consumer service, managing relations with end customers, the shoppers. CSMs are the only people in direct contact with consumers. They respond to their requests, solve their problems and answer their questions. They must also listen to their concerns, comments and ideas, and ensure that problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Continuous improvement

With its in-depth knowledge of the customer on the one hand, and of the Lucky cart product/technology on the other, the CSM is able to propose solutions and optimizations to remedy any product shortcomings, and enable continuous service improvement. The CSM must regularly measure customer satisfaction and use this information to identify areas for improvement and propose solutions. Working in tandem with the sales team, the CSM identifies best practices and customer insights, thus fostering the commercial relationship.

Documentation and optimization

CSMs are involved in process documentation and optimization. Being at the heart of the reactor, they are well placed to identify areas for improvement. By using tools and macros to automate part of the process, they can improve the quality and fluidity of internal and external exchanges.

The company conductor

The CSM team is now one of the company’s key teams, implementing a large number of digital activations every week. They have a varied portfolio of customers and are the experts. Each CSM knows the specifics of each partner (retailers and brands). This versatility, coupled with their flexibility, enables them to achieve their primary objective: operational excellence.

They are the company’s orchestral conductors, and must work closely with the company’s various departments, such as sales to manage activations, marketing to establish the message to be conveyed to customers (brands and shoppers), and product to provide feedback and optimize our tools. They must also collaborate with company partners such as retailers to ensure customer success, helping them to achieve their business objectives while strengthening the customer-supplier relationship.

They are important because they are the guarantors of customer satisfaction. They are the first to be contacted by a customer when he or she encounters a problem or difficulty with the product or service offered by Lucky cart. It’s by being responsive and precise in their feedback that they will establish a relationship of trust with shoppers. They are also responsible for collecting and analyzing customer feedback to identify any necessary corrective actions.

In short, Customer Success Managers are essential to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and contributing to the company’s growth. They must be able to understand customers’ needs, accompany them, maintain a relationship of trust with them, collaborate with the company’s various departments, and collect and analyze customer feedback. CSMs are versatile and responsive, able to adapt their approach to the needs of each individual customer.

In my experience

As a former CSM at Lucky cart, it was important for me to talk about the team in this article. In 2 years, I held 3 positions within the CSM team, and implemented over 300 digital activations with more than 100 different brands, at 5 different retailers. I also had the opportunity to develop a new Sales/CSM/Finance organization, enabling better sales tracking, billing automation and streamlined processes. I also solved a lot of shoppers’ requests while maintaining contractual response times, and thus maintaining good customer satisfaction.

I’d like to finish by saying that my experience at CSM has given me a lot. Rigor, organization, empathy… are now qualities that I can apply to the other positions I’ve held and to the one I hold today.

All this to say that anything is possible when you’re a CSM! It’s a job for those who like to dabble in everything, those who are curious, those who communicate… 🙂

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