The digital customer journey: increased visibility and engagement

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Written by Virginie Chollois and Nicolas Trannoy. 2022/03/07

At Lucky cart, we started from a simple observation: putting the shopper experience and satisfaction at the heart of our model enables us to satisfy your needs. We provide optimal visibility, a simple customer journey to deliver maximum engagement.  

Ultra-Personalized to Engage

Our technology allows us to constantly refine the relevance of our campaigns and the accuracy of our knowledge of purchasing behavior. We rely on our dynamic profiling capabilities and the delivery of ultra-personalized content to accurately send the right message to the right shopper.

The goal: to maximize the chances of interaction, acquisition, and retention.

All our campaigns are meticulously tailored to effectively meet the specific needs of your brand as well as the unique shopping habits of each individual.

A Strategic Location

If the banner is generally the first point of contact, it is also the most common medium because of its effectiveness. Just like in-store gondola ends, it allows you to occupy a privileged space at different strategic moments of the purchase journey.

We recreate your brand universe using a dedicated page to offer a fun and stimulating experience to your customers.

Our solutions integrate perfectly into e-commerce platforms (Drive, Mobile & Applications) ensuring that your brand has a strong presence on all sales channels.

Bet on the Moment!

Through our simple game mechanics with immediate results, we create a playful and unexpected moment between the shopper, the retailer and the brand. We put the odds on your side to drive buyer behavior and ensure the highest engagement rate.

Beyond visibility, you spark surprise and emotion for the shopper who will instinctively share his enthusiasm with those around him. This is also what we offer at Lucky cart! 

Transparent and Relevant Results

Our entire approach is based on an iterative dynamic of continuous improvement. At the end of each campaign, we carry out a detailed, explained assessment and try to define areas for improvement.

Are you convinced?

Try your luck!

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