We reveal
purchasing behaviors

It’s millions of data that
Lucky cart analyses everyday

…. so as to reveal
what the eye cannot see.

A proprietary solution conceived thanks to the expertise of our data scientists and constant learning from Artificial Intelligence.

Understand each consumer
as a unique persona,
thanks to ultra-personalized
digital campaigns.

18 500 000

shoppers can be activated

20 000 000 000

receipt lines


campaigns in 2021

Lucky cart transforms data into game, and game into customer knowledge.

We transform the complexity of data into a simple, fun, precise and efficient e-retail activation able to meet the needs of brands, distributors and shoppers alike.

We leave nothing to chance, except the draw.


Simplicity of game mechanics.

The shopping experience ends with a fast, engaging and non-intrusive game that fits perfectly into the user journey. He is immediately notified of the result. 

Attractive gain.

The shopper can win his full shopping cart. The reward is therefore personalized for each shopper and corresponds exactly to their habits.

Compliance with data protection.

We apply GDPR rules strictly, without using cookies. Lucky cart has a record of all data processing and uses traceability tools to identify sensitive data. This allows perishable data to be destroyed automatically or at the request of a consumer.

They trust us