We reveal
purchasing behaviors

It’s millions of data that
Lucky cart analyses everyday

…. so as to reveal
what the eye cannot see.

Lucky cart analyzes the receipts collected in real time to predict shoppers’ consumption and optimize brand presence within our partners’ Drive ecosystems.

We use the data to better understand individual shopping profiles to drive the e-retail mix in an ultra-personalized, fun and profitable way.

A proprietary solution designed with the expertise of our data teams and the use of Machine Learning.

18 500 000

shoppers can be activated

20 000 000 000

receipt lines

Food retail is a complex market.

At a time when changes in consumer habits are continuing post-covid, the share of e-commerce has reached 14.1% in the retail sector and could well pass the symbolic 20% mark by 2030*.

Lucky cart is part of this evolution and accompanies its customers in their quest for shopper engagement when shopping online. To respond to these changes in usage, we rely on data. We transform its complexity into simple, effective, precise and fun operational systems, which are truly powerful commercial levers. A disruptive shopper promise with a robust business purpose ROI oriented.

*Source: Fevad, Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance

Lucky cart, we are in the food retail market and it is a super complex market with a phenomenal amount of data, and our job is to transform this complexity into simple, impactful and fun devices to move towards mass communication in 1to1.

Romain Charles – CEO

Our solutions for everyone.


Strong differentiation.

We offer a relevant alternative in E-Retail Media thanks to our simple, fun and adaptable solutions. The promise of winning contributes to high shopper engagement for both acquisition and retention: up to 1 in 2 shoppers participate in our campaigns.

20% increase in the average basket.

The mechanics of our ultra-personalized campaigns adapt to the purchasing behavior of each shopper. They also adapt to your category animation strategies and support your own brands.

Full integration in drive, mobile and application.

Our solution adapts to the entire digital ecosystem of retailers in a simple way. Activations are seamlessly integrated into your shoppers’ shopping journey. Fraud management is monitored by a proprietary algorithm.

They trust us