Maximise the performance of your promotional investments

Use Machine Learning to improve your promotional strategy and your ROI.

We have chosen Lucky Cart because they’re the only industry player to master a new type of promotional offer designed to provide the maximum amount of value to consumers and to brands.

Cyril BOURGOIS, directeur la transformation digitale du groupe Casino

Cyril Bourgois

Head of Digital Transformation

Our promotional solutions



Create an event, stand out from the crowd, and enjoy increased visibility with innovative promotional devices.


Category development

Deliver personalised and targeted promotional campaigns to grow your categories and maximise your ROI.



Launch personalised promotional challenges to build customer loyalty and grow incremental revenue.

Thanks to Lucky Cart, we were able to offer a new personalised promotions experience to all of our customers with a more than satisfactory ROI.

Nathalie Jacquot, Directrice Ecommerce

Nathalie Jacquot

Ecommerce Director

Logo Drive Intermarché

Promote your brands across the largest networks

Activate shopper data on a multi-channel basis across the largest retailers.