Our values



Commitment is about building relationships, getting involved in the success of our missions or simply in the life of the company. Listening, offering advice, criticizing, participating, that is the commitment we are looking for!

Team spirit

Collective and individual success can only be achieved through teamwork and complete solidarity. Henry Ford summed it up perfectly: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”


Humility is the quality of someone who knows how much they still have to learn and how far they still have to come. Acknowledging that there is always someone better than you and that we can learn from everyone and anyone is not a weakness but a quality and one which we endeavor to nurture.


More than being open-minded and willing to listen, respecting others is about living up to ones commitments, in the long-term. This applies to our customers, colleagues and partners. Thus, we only promise what we know we can fulfil; if you ask us, this is the key to success.


Working seriously does not necessarily mean taking yourself too seriously. Exchanging ideas and experiences, debating and building on expertise do not mean there is no room for fun. At Lucky Cart, relations are simple and good-natured!

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