What solutions are available to optimise promotional budgets?

Lower yields from promotional activities are not inevitable: here are two solutions on how to better measure the ROI of your promotions and optimise promotional budgets.

The conundrum of analysing promotional ROI

Promotional effectiveness requires precise measurement of ROI which is convincing for decision makers and scientifically sound. What analytical methods can help to resolve this real conundrum?

9 adverse effects of traditional promotions

Traditional promotions cause some adverse effects impacting consumers' behaviour which retailers and manufacturers have to face.

Trick or Treat: the best entirely Halloween-based promotional campaigns

On the 31 October, the whole world will be celebrating Halloween. To mark the occasion, discover our selection of the best entirely Halloween-based campaigns. However, if you happen to suffer from Samhainophobia (fear of Halloween), we recommend finding somewhere to hide, as there is a risk it may scare the wits out of you!

Personalised promotions: the new El Dorado for retailers

Nearly 2/3 of promotions do not break even. Discover how personalisation and targeting can boost the performance of your promotion campaigns.

4 ways to spruce up your Christmas marketing campaign

Christmas is the busiest - and most profitable - time of the year for the majority of UK retailers. Discover our selection of the best Christmas marketing campaigns to get you in the spirit!

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