5 reasons to consider PromoGaming® for your next promotional campaign

To get the best results from a PromoGaming® campaign, we’ve selected 5 major reasons which will allow you to reach your objectives.

Create marketing campaigns designed to meet your commercial targets with our SaaS tool

Find out how our SaaS tool allows you create and manage marketing campaigns that will enable you to achieve your year-end targets. Find out also how Cdiscount, France's number one e-commerce website, encourages its customers to visit its website every Tuesday between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm by using a recurring, targeted Promogaming® campaign.

Video introduction to Promogaming®

Lucky Cart has invented Promogaming®, the genuine alternative to traditional discounts and price cuts. Promogaming® provides you with a promotional lever that enables you to give your customers a different and novel kind of buying experience while at the same time optimising the ROI of your promotional campaigns. Find out how it works by watching a short video introduction.

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