Promogaming, or the art of revitalising promotional marketing

French marketing blog Marketing PGC has published an article on the advantages of Promogaming® and its utility in the saturated world of promotional marketing. With players in the world of e-commerce already won over, large retailers are now taking an interest in this tool that transforms shopper experience. With other innovative alternatives also on the test bench, promotional marketing 2.0 is now underway!

Are promotions ineffective?

When traditional sales levers are overused, they lose their effectiveness. In this opinion piece, published on the blog, Cyril Marchal talks about the mechanisms that actually work and how the stakes have now changed in the retail marketplace. Building an emotional link between the brand and the customer, providing a new type of buying experience – these are the kinds of challenges that gamification can meet.

The quest for the perfect promotional campaign

Cost-effectiveness, memorability, originality – brands and distributors are always on the lookout for an innovative promotional mechanisms that can satisfy all these criteria combined. In a piece for Libre Service Actualités (a French weekly professional magazine dedicated to commerce, retail and consumption), Cyril Marchal offers a recap of the reasons why Promogaming® is a tool of choice for online sellers and large retailers.

Lucky Cart in a special edition of L'Express - L'Entreprise

At Lucky Cart, there is twice the amount of innovation. Product innovation, first of all: the company founded by Cyril Marchal has renovated one of the oldest marketing ploys, one which had not changed for decades; discounts. Following this, service innovation.

'Portrait of a startuper', Cyril Marchal's interview by Sébastien Bourguignon

Sébastien Bourguignon is a manager in the insurance industry, an expert in social networks and “growth hacking”, and is passionate about the digital world and entrepreneurship. As part of a project called 'Portrait of a Startuper', Sébastien wanted to meet with Cyril Marchal, President and founder of Lucky Cart.

Interview with Cyril Marchal by the Institute of Connected Commerce (Institut du Commerce Connecté)

The Institute of Connected Commerce (I.C.C), a training organisation operating in the world of connected trade, wanted to know more about Promogaming®. Cyril Marchal, our president, was happy to answer their questions.

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