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Greece using gamification to fight tax fraud

Chloé Gardent - Lucky Cart

By Chloé Gardent
Communication & Partnerships
On 21 October 2016

One news story recently caught our attention and brought back memories for us. Greece, in its efforts to fight tax evasion, is implementing a national lottery (see the french article from the 29/09/2016 on lepoint.fr).

The Ministry of Finance will therefore soon allow anyone with a VAT code, found on ‘everyday’ purchase receipts (from supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, bars, etc.), to enter the draw of a ‘state lottery’ held once a year. The prizes will be cars and houses seized by the banks. Greeks wanting to enter will just have to ask for receipts each time they make a purchase, thereby obliging the traders to declare their income.

Following in the footsteps of Taiwan in 1951, China since 1989, Malta in 1997 and Slovakia in 2013, the Greeks have also chosen to fight tax fraud thanks to the consumers themselves and their enthusiasm for the game.

The reason why this story caught our attention is because the application of this idea was how Lucky Cart came into existence. When making a business trip to China, Cyril, founder and CEO, discovered this system for fighting tax fraud and decided to look into adapting this idea for the European market, particularly for commercial issues that retail companies encounter.

PromoGaming came into being a few months later. Six years later and here we are now, with 150 clients in Europe and an ambition to become the global benchmark for promotional intelligence.

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