Les temps forts à ne pas manquer au 1er trimestre
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Don’t miss the highlights of the first quarter

Anthony Corbeaux - Lucky Cart

By Anthony Corbeaux
On 10 January 2017

There has barely been time to catch your breath after the rush of end-of-year sales but it’s already time to start planning upcoming commercial events for your business. How do you once again capture the attention of consumers who have been flooded with promotional offers around Christmas and Black Friday weekend?

Here are the unmissable highlights of the first quarter of 2017 and some ideas for promotional mechanisms which you can set up in under 48 hours to achieve your commercial goals.

Winter sales

THE highlight of 2017: the 6 weeks of winter sales! This year they will take place from 11th January to 21st February inclusive. In 2015, over 41 million French people took advantage of the good deals (LSA & Toluna study).

Our tip: make the difference in the home straight

Every year we see the same phenomenon: the numbers and enthusiasm of consumers start to run out of steam. This is the perfect time to offer your customers a chance to win a reimbursement for all their purchases so as to make you stand out from your competitors in the ocean of discounts:

Exemple de promotion spéciale Soldes d'hiverFind special ‘Sales’ PromoGaming® campaigns

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day (14th February) is traditionally a key event in commercial activities for jewellery (e.g. 2016 CLEOR campaign), beauty (e.g. campagne Nocibé 2015) and travel (e.g. 2016 Best Western campaign). Other retailers and manufacturers can benefit from the holiday for lovers by offering their customers a commercial activity playing on emotions. For example by thanking their loyal customers:

Exemple de promotion spéciale Saint Valentin


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St Patrick’s Day

If there is one event in the year which lends itself to a promotion associated with luck, it’s St Patrick’s Day with its famous 4-leaf clover symbol. So why not offer an original promotion to make the most of an event which gains in popularity year by year, on 17th March:

Exemple de promotion spéciale Saint PatrickFind special ‘St Patrick’ PromoGaming® campaigns



The first quarter coincides with the arrival of spring, on 20th March. This season symbolises renewal and rebirth. This is the perfect opportunity to associate your brand with a positive event by, for example, offering your customers a chance to win a holiday:

Exemple de promotion spéciale Printemps


There is still time to organise your promotional calendar around the first quarter. Whether it’s online, in store, on your mobile app, or omnichannel, make use of our expertise and technology to launch your campaigns in under 48 hours!

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