Personalise a bit, a lot, absolutely everything.

The PMP (Promotion Management Platform) that Lucky Cart has developed lets you configure personalised promotions so you can treat each of your customers as an individual.

Promotional mechanism


Some of us like the certainty of a traditional discount while others prefer the chance to win their basket for free or a prize. No longer be limited to a single promotional mechanism and use what works best for each of your customers.



You no longer need to decide on the amount for your discounts “at random”. Promotional intelligence helps you decide what level of investment works best for each of your customers.



Our PMP (Promotion Management Platform) allows you to provide personalised promotions in real time while also fitting your visual identity.



Your customers do not all shop in the same way. So why give them similar conditions for using your promotions?



Some of your customers need regular contact in order to take part while others may see this as a reason to unsubscribe. Learn their preferences so you can contact them with an ideal frequency.

Validity period


Control the duration of your campaigns and encourage your customers to get involved by limiting the validity periods.

Manage your entire campaign from one single platform.

Our Promotion Management Platform is the foundation of your promotional strategy. You can simultaneously configure your compaigns, monitor their performance and compare them against other campaigns or time periods.

Your ROI will benefit

All these methods we provide for personalising your promotion have the common goal of maximising the return on investment for each of your promotional campaigns.
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