Petit Bateau December 2015

Mise en avant Petit Bateau en magasin

To make the most of the benefits of Promogaming® for the third time, this time offline in 16 factory outlets, and to offer a fun shopping experience to all their customers subscribed to the Petit Bateau factory outlet loyalty programme.


Lucky Cart responded to the needs of the retailer by offering an all-inclusive offline Promogaming® campaign, which offered eligible customers a 1 in 10 chance of winning the money back from their purchases between the 18th and 23rd December 2015.

With Lucky Cart, Petit Bateau is leading the way and giving customers the chance to play an instant, personalized game!

Randomized, independent draws give all players the same chance of winning.
Game available in the 48 hours following payment after receiving an email providing access to the game.

Game open to all customers signed up to the Petit Bateau factory outlet marketing programme.
Immediate result that gives customers a memorable gaming experience.

Reload the game


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