Drive Intermarché October 2016

MEA Drive Intermarche Octobre 2016

Le Drive Intermarché, a major player in food retail in France, celebrated its birthday in 2016. To reward customers for each order placed on the site, while also boosting traffic and sales at its Click and Collect points, Drive Intermarché offered a unique purchasing experience.


Lucky Cart responded to the merchant’s needs by supporting it in its sixth Promogaming® campaign, This gives all Click and Collect customers a 1 in 80 chance to win 2 tickets for the musical ‘The 3 Musketeers’ or a TV for each order placed on the site from 27th September to 23rd October.

Lucky Cart enables Drive Intermarché to innovate and offer its customers an instant and personalised game!

Random and independent draws which offer all players the same chances of winning.
Game available directly on the order confirmation page.

Game accessible on all orders above or equal to €70 inc. tax (except payments by cheque or bank transfer).
Instant result giving customers a memorable game experience.

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