CLEOR August 2016

MEA Cleor Août 2016

Online jeweller Cleor, which sells jewellery and watches for women, men and children, wanted to boost activity on its French and Belgian websites at the end of August by running a novel and original type of promotional campaign and giving its customers a buying experience with a difference.


To meet the retailer’s needs, Lucky Cart provided a complete and all-inclusive Promogaming® campaign – CLEOR’s first ever – offering all its website customers a 1 in 10 chance of winning a reimbursement of their order from the 22 August to the 1 September 2016.

Thanks to Lucky Cart, CLEOR was able to innovate and offer its customers an instant and personalised game!

Independent random draws offering every player the same chance of winning.
Game available directly after purchase on the order confirmation page.

Game accessible with every order placed.
Results provided instantly to give the customer a memorable game-playing experience.

Reload the game


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