Cdiscount February 2016

MEA Cdiscount fevrier 2016

Liven up their website with a flash operation between 6pm and 10pm every Tuesday, in order to create a weekly time for customers to visit their website and traffic to increase.


Lucky Cart responded to the retailer’s needs by offering a new flash and all-inclusive Promogaming® campaign every Tuesday called Lucky Hour, each promotion being different to surprise customers.

With Lucky Cart, is leading the way and giving customers the chance to play an instant, personalized game!

Randomized, independent draws give all players the same chance of winning.
Game available immediately after purchase via the order confirmation email.

Game open to all eligible orders.
Immediate result that gives customers a memorable gaming experience.

  • « Our partnership with Lucky Cart has successfully helped us increase both our conversion rates and audience monetization »

    Julien Chevalier Sales Director - 3W Régie

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