Best Western Central Europe October 2016

MEA Best Western DE Octobre 2016

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts is celebrating its 70th birthday in 2016. As a result, the company decided to both reward loyal customers and attract new guests with a promotion and a unique purchasing experience on its German and Austrian booking sites.


Lucky Cart responded to the hotel chain’s needs by implementing the first turnkey PromoGaming® campaign. This gives all customers who book through the site from 7th October to 16th December 2016 a 1 in 70 chance to win a refund on their booking. This initiative was also run previously in France..

Lucky Cart enables Best Western Central Europe to innovate and offer its customers an instant and personalised game!

Random and independent draws which offer all players the same chances of winning.
Game available directly after booking.

Game accessible on all bookings made between 7th October and 16th December for a minimum of one night.
Instant result giving customers a memorable game experience.

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