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Personalised promotions: the new El Dorado for retailers

Rose Labdon - Lucky Cart

By Rose Labdon
On 19 July 2017

This article is an excerpt from our ebook “Sales Promotion: How to improve the performance of your investments” which you can download for free.

The use of promotions in driving sales has long since been the norm. Manufacturers and distributors around the world spend nearly 500 billion dollars on sales promotions every year.

But the effectiveness of promotions is being reassessed. According to a study conducted by Nielsen on over 100 million promotions, ⅔ do not so much as break even.

Now has never been a better time to rejuvenate your promotions strategy.

How personalisation and targeting can boost the performance of your promotions

Personalisation and targeting mark a new El Dorado for marketers and sales teams in the retail industry. These techniques respond, on one hand, to increasing consumer expectations thanks to an improved customer experience and targeted messages. On the other hand, they are a response to financial demands, by adapting the generosity and obtention requirements according to each individual, thus boosting profitability. It’s now possible to get away from the unproductive logic of mass promotions, the majority of which do not make profit.

The benefits are clear:

  • Retailers can target customers that represent the biggest commercial potential – or those who represent the largest risk of loss – and prioritise sending them promotions;
  • Customisation increases the performance of promotions for an equivalent budget, or reduces the advertising budget while maintaining the same results.

Let’s have a look at 3 examples of personalised promotion techniques:

Point of sale promotions


Ecrebo and Waitrose promotion campaign

Source: ecrebo.com

Targeted coupons at till are an interesting alternative to traditional, mass discounts and bulky promotion catalogues. They work by analysing data such customer profiles and basket contents. They minimise promotional wastage, boost loyalty and enrich the shopping experience.

In early 2017, Waitrose rolled out a targeted coupons campaign in 350 stores with Ecrebo, reaching out to 6 million loyalty scheme users and scaling its offline promotions strategy.

Geo-localised promotions


Geo-localised promotions in-store

Source: practicalecommerce.com

Mobile is the fastest growing channel in retail. In the UK, 4 in 10 grocery shops take place via mobile. More and more customers are connected via their phones: nearly 60% look up product information and prices while using their mobile phones in store.

There is therefore a lot of potential for integrating mobile technology into retailers’ promotion strategy. For example, advanced geo-localisation and beacon technology enables retailers to target customers with special offers based on their location. Another example of geo-localised promotions is Teemo’s (formerly Databerries) partnership with Toys’R’Us. Teemo’s solution works by collecting billions of user locations, which enabled Toys’R’Us to target its competitors’, or related retailers’, customers with personalised promotions, based on their buying habits.

Ultra-personalised promotions in real-time

Drive Intermarche Ultra-personalised promos

Retailers, notably distributors, are sitting on a gold mine: customer transactional data. The analysis of this data enables retailers to reach the ideal promotional goal: sending the right promotion, on the right product, to the right person at the right time – and for the ideal cost.

Exploiting this gold mine of data thanks to ‘ad hoc’ algorithms enables retailers to optimise the performance of their promotional budgets by personalising every element of the promotion: the target customer, the product concerned, the message (the promotional vehicle), the generosity, the eligibility threshold and the expiration date.

Have a read of how Lucky Cart enabled French click and collect retailer, le Drive Intermarché, to generate an ROI of 16:1 (16 incremental euros for every euro invested) by sending personalised promotions to customers via email, and Best Western to boost its Rewards® programme with personalised promotions distributed via its website and via mobile.


These technological innovations in personalisation open up new doors, by enabling retailers and manufacturers to optimise their promotional strategies and restore commercial performance. Accenture cites that nearly 60% of consumers want real time promotions and offers. The demand is there, so what are you waiting for?


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