Sylvain, Data Developer

Voilà Sylvain, who - unlike what he wants us to think - is not lazy at all, at least not in the office. Discover what he has to tell us about the TV show "Kaamelot" or about recycling gifts.

Maxence, FullStack Developer

At Lucky Cart we love what we do but especially with how we are doing it. This week, get to know Maxcence, one of our fullstack developer.

Laurent, UX / UI Designer

Diabolo, rola bolas, unicycle... In a previous life, Laurent was a juggler. It may even be where his fear of harem trousers came from. But he's also a passionate and ambitious young man. Find out what it's like to be a UX/UI designer at Lucky Cart!

Adrien, Financial Controller

Our Financial Controller dreams of having laser vision to sear meat with, isn't that original? Apart from his BBQ exploits, Adrien could spend the rest of his days travelling, doing extreme sports and, of course, eating! Get to know him.

Nawal E., Communication & Partnerships Assistant

Seeing as she can’t go back in time to explore ancient civilisations, Nawal E. would love to be the captain of a submarine to discover what lurks beneath the abyssal depths. Get to know our Communication & Partnerships Assistant!

Hela, Data Scientist

If Hela could choose a superpower, she would like to be able to teleport anywhere. Very useful skill when you want to conquer the world 😏 Today, it's our Data Scientist's turn to tell you more about herself. It's right here!

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