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5 investment funds share Lucky Cart’s vision on the necessity of innovation in the world of promotions. They have been supporting us since January 2015.

Partech Ventures is an investor specializing in high-growth companies active in digital and IT areas. Present in Silicon Valley, in Paris, and in Berlin, the team has a strong experience in the international development of enterprises. The economic daily “Les Echos” awarded it the prize for the best venture capital team, and the independent study organism Preqin highlighted Partech Ventures as being, through its performance, one of the 10 best worldwide venture capital funds, the only European one among the top 25.



The Kima Ventures fund was launched in 2010 for and by entrepreneurs with the goal of supporting and seed financing innovative enterprises across the world. Since 2010, Kima Venture has made over 300 investments in 24 countries and in companies such as Pret d’Union, FromLabs, Dwanda, LaRucheQuiDitOui, MangoPay.

Edenred, the inventor of Ticket Restaurant® develops and manages solutions that improve the effectiveness of organizations and the purchasing power of individuals.
Listed on the Paris stock exchange, Edenred is present in 42 countries with more than 6,000 employees, approximately 640,000 client enterprises and public sector organizations, 1.4 million affiliated retailers, and 40 million beneficiaries. In 2013, Edenred generated a total issuance volume of 17.1 billion Euros, of which almost 60% was located in emerging economies.
The Alternative Investment Directorate supports, through minority holdings, innovative companies that offer value-added services to Edenred’s stakeholders (affiliated retailers, beneficiary employees, client enterprises and public sector organizations.)

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Pléiade Venture is a Venture Capital Company (VCC) which invests amounts ranging from 100 K€ to 2 M€ in young enterprises. While many financiers have deserted venture capital for development capital or LBO, Pléiade Venture has remained in the field of young enterprise development and the long-term support which they require. Since 1999, this positioning has allowed it to bring together through its capital leading entrepreneurs who have extended their entrepreneurial history by participating, in one way or another, in venture capital. The current porfolio consists of fifteen companies in diversified sectors and over the entirety of French territory.

The Fa Diese funds are entrepreneurial funds of a total size of 25M€; they bring together some 40 associates and business leaders supported by institutional investors including SCOR and Bpifrance.
Fa Diese’s success is based on an original philosophy that lies between business angels and venture capitalists; it combines the sponsorship of experienced leaders who share strong values and build on the success of a relationship between entrepreneurs with an investment structure with professional standards whose strategy has withstood the test of time since the seed stage.
Since the creation of its first fund in 2001, Fa Diese has already committed more than 3 M€ in 37 companies in various Internet, electronic, life sciences, and industrial sectors, representing more than 250 direct jobs.
Fa Diese is a member of the AFIC (Association Française des Investisseurs pour la Croissance).

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