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Interview with Cyril Marchal by the Institute of Connected Commerce (Institut du Commerce Connecté)

Julien Balas - Lucky Cart

By Julien Balas
Communication & Partnerships Director
On 13 April 2015

The Institute of Connected Commerce (I.C.C), a training organisation operating in the world of connected trade, wanted to know more about Promogaming®. Cyril Marchal, our president, was happy to answer their questions (Read the full article here).

ICC : What is your value proposition?

Cyril Marchal : « During a trip to China, I discovered the Chinese government’s ingenious method of fighting tax evasion: pair a lottery ticket with every commercial transaction to encourage consumers to always ask for an invoice. Once back in France, we were inspired to create Lucky Cart and Promogaming®, a promotional mechanism that allows vendors to organise lotteries with the obligation to purchase goods. Our solution provides vendors with an easy way of offering their customers a chance to win a refund on their shopping cart. Promogaming® replaces fixed discounts… »

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