How our technology works and how it learns

These 4 key steps allow our technology to make your promotional actions more effective than ever.

Analysis of buyer history
& creation of target databases
Lucky Cart defines promotional A/B testing databases for each of your campaigns based on your customers' purchasing behaviour.

Launch of personalised
& dynamic promotions
All you have to do is decide on your promotional investment. Lucky Cart will then launch personalised promotions in real time, on all your communication supports (emails, advertising banners, website).

Promotional A/B testing methods developed by Lucky Cart give scientific measurements of the incremental turnover generated by the personalised promotions.

Machine learning
& optimisation
Lucky Cart has developed algorithms to continuously improve the performance of your promotions. With each campaign, your customers' preferences are analysed in terms of the type of promotion, level of generosity and frequency of contact, in order to improve the promotional models.

Technology - Overview

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