St Patrick's Day
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Anthony Corbeaux - Lucky Cart

By Anthony Corbeaux
On 29 January 2016

Guinness will definitely be sharing… well, selling. According to The Telegraph, Guinness sales double worldwide on St Patrick’s Day, selling over 7.5 million pints in a few hours. That’s quite a marketing ploy knowing that until 1970 all pubs in Ireland were closed for the religious feast day. Then again it might be luck?

The Americans have put their twist on it too, making it a day of cabbage and corned beef! Why they felt that cabbage and corned beef needed their special day will probably remain a mystery, as well as their obsession with leprechauns and the green Chicago river.

There is one thing however that, regardless of which side of the Atlantic you stand on you can be sure of: St Patrick’s Day will be a day of lucky wishes and fun! But how will you celebrate it with your shoppers?

Launch a Promogaming® Campaign

Promogaming® is the most effective tool to boost your trafic and sales on St Patrick’s day as it’s all about fun and luck. It allows you to offer your customers a chance to win their order for free.

This is an example of how you can communicate on your website

You will be able to catch the attention of your customers with a message that is totally different from what they are used to encounter when shopping online:

st Patrick's Day - Promogaming@

Try our game

This is the type of game that could show up directly on the order confirmation page of your shoppers. You can easily customize it as well as choose the odds based on the budget you want to allow to your campaign:


Cliquez ici pour recharger le jeu


What are you waiting for?

We will help you increase your trafic and sales like no other marketing tool can do on St Patrick’s Day!


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