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Franprix incorporates PromoGaming® into its new strategy

Chloé Gardent - Lucky Cart

By Chloé Gardent
Communication & Partnerships
On 28 November 2016

Franprix’s 3rd PromoGaming campaign drew to a close on 13th November. We now have a chance to look back on the change of strategy initiated by the local store in the spring of 2015. Wanting to revitalise the chain and renovate its brand image in a highly competitive market, Franprix looked to PromoGaming® to accompany Mandarin, its new concept for an urban customer base.

The success of the Mandarin concept

In April 2015, Franprix started deploying its new Mandarin concept. The brand decided to take the ambitious step of renovating all of its 860 local stores in its orange colour in under three years.

While the bright colour initially draws the customer in, the brand stands out through the quality of its services and its changing offers. Cashiers are equipped with scanners and become mobile. This saves considerable time for urban customers who are often in a hurry. Every month about twenty new products appear in the stores: a test & learn method which helps to quickly identify the latest trends and, above all, to boost business.

The main success of this concept is undoubtedly down to the themed stands (rotisserie, freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh soups…) which give customers new good reasons to come to the shop and are the best sellers.

Franprix turns to PromoGaming®

With its new brand spirit, the store stands out from the competition and makes everyday purchases a pleasant experience in a welcoming environment.

This desire to improve the customer experience is why Franprix recruited Lucky Cart to launch PromoGaming campaigns in nearly all its shops in urban areas.

In April and June 2016, the ‘My Jackpot Card’ initiative offered customers with a loyalty card making a minimum purchase of €20, a 1 in 50 chance and a 1 in 20 chance respectively to win back their shopping basket. The initiative was repeated from 1st to 13th November 2016, this time offering a 1 in 200 chance.

By giving customers the chance to try and win back their basket, Franprix has been able to stand out a bit more from its competitors and offer customers a unique purchase experience every time they come to the checkout.


Lucky Cart has adapted to Franprix’s strategy and objectives. PromoGaming® has been a key tool in supporting the brand in its strategy of standing out and improving the customer experience. And it has met two key objectives: a commercial objective, by helping to increase the average basket value and revenue, and a marketing objective, by helping to increase the number of loyalty card holders and expanding its CRM databases.

These issues are common to many distribution companies, more and whom are coming to Lucky Cart.

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