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5 reasons to consider PromoGaming® for your next promotional campaign

Anthony Corbeaux - Lucky Cart

By Anthony Corbeaux
On 7 August 2017

To get the best results from a PromoGaming® campaign, we’ve selected 5 major features which will allow you to reach your objectives.

#1 Launch a campaign as easily as a traditional discount

In order to hit your sales goal, you want to launch a campaign when you need it and as quickly as possible, with full customisation. Our PMP allows you to do so in a few easy steps to create a “flash” campaign, like Cdiscount, or you can also bet on a long term campaign, just like Best Western, with a view to increasing consumer loyalty in the long run. Configure your customers’ eligibility conditions for each operation thanks to customised filters: minimum purchase amount, use of a promotional code, maximum number of tickets played by an individual, method of payment to include/exclude a specific variable, etc. Thus, only the customers who meet your eligibility criteria will see a game displayed on their order confirmation page.

Configure your campaigns as easily as your traditional promotions

#2 Target your clients according to your marketing objectives

A good promotion is a targeted promotion! Define your audience based on your objectives: acquire new customers, increase the number of loyalty card holders or reactivate customers who haven’t purchased in a while.

For example, Franprix launched an offline PromoGaming® campaign offering loyalty card holders 1 chance out of 20 of winning their shopping basket.The benefit of this campaign was twofold: the retailer increased its rate of loyalty card membership while enriching its database with valuable customer information mandatory to access the game (name, email, address…). With that being said, you can also use our tools to target which products you want to put on offer, whether it is your regular stock, innovations, a destocking.

Target your clients according to your marketing objectives

#3 Customise your campaign & your game

Customisation and uniqueness are key for a successful promotional campaign. Indeed, since the core element of a PromoGaming® campaign is the game with which your customers will interact in order to try and win back the money they’ve just spent, you can customise each and every aspect of it: homepage, email, logo, text color, game features, wording, background images, etc. Moreover, customisation gives you an indisputable edge compared to the retailers who use and abuse promotions in order to increase their sales. This is why we’ve developed several types of games in order to let you launch a high-impact campaign while sticking to your graphic charter. Discover our case studies to find inspiration and test our clients’ games.

Customize your game and your campaign

#4 Reward all your customers

All you customers can’t systematically win each game. For those who haven’t been lucky, the PromoGaming® technology gives you the opportunity of sending a consolation prize to reward them for their loyalty, thus ensuring that every single one of your customers feels special, winner or loser. The prize could be, for example, a promotional code for a subsequent order or an access to a digital magazine. Thus, your campaign will please everyone and the buyer experience will be fun and memorable for all your customers.

Reward all your customers

#5 Monitor your performance daily

For any promotional campaign, you need an accurate real-time reporting system that will let you know how everything is going on a daily basis. This is why the PromoGaming® tool gives you access to a daily reporting system that sums up all the key metrics of your operation(s) in progress: number of carts eligible for the game, number of players, number of winners, average of eligible carts, eligible turnover, etc. You will thus have immediate access to the results of your PromoGaming® campaign.

Monitor your performance daily

If you would like to know more about PromoGaming® and the numerous advantages it gives online retailers, do not hesitate to have a look at our case studies or get in touch with us right away. It will be our pleasure to create a campaign tailored to your needs.


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