Everything you need to know about Black Friday weekend

The 24th and 27th November will see the highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday events take place. Here's a look at the figures showing the impact of this promotional weekend on retailers in the U.S. and Europe.

Trick or Treat: the best entirely Halloween-based promotional campaigns

On the 31 October, the whole world will be celebrating Halloween. To mark the occasion, discover our selection of the best entirely Halloween-based campaigns. However, if you happen to suffer from Samhainophobia (fear of Halloween), we recommend finding somewhere to hide, as there is a risk it may scare the wits out of you!

Sylvain, Data Developer

Voilà Sylvain, who - unlike what he wants us to think - is not lazy at all, at least not in the office. Discover what he has to tell us about the TV show "Kaamelot" or about recycling gifts.

Maxence, FullStack Developer

At Lucky Cart we love what we do but especially with how we are doing it. This week, get to know Maxcence, one of our fullstack developer.

Your customers are more willing to share their data than you thought

Retailers have access to billions of shared data everyday. Some can be collected naturally but some is given voluntarily from the customer. But what motivates your customers to share their personal information?

The influence of promotions on consumers: are there too many?

An overview of the key findings from CREDOC's 'Consumption Trends' 2017 study on the influence of promotions on consumers.



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