Why co-marketing is a must for brands this year

We look at how using co-marketing in your promotional strategy can lead to great success in a highly competitive and saturated industry.

Don't miss the highlights of the first quarter

Discover the unmissable highlights of the first quarter of 2017 and some ideas for promotional mechanisms which you can set up in under 48 hours to achieve your commercial goals.

Franprix incorporates PromoGaming® into its new strategy

Franprix's 3rd PromoGaming® campaign drew to a close on 13th November. We now have a chance to look back on the change of strategy initiated by the local store in the spring of 2015.

4 ways to spruce up your Christmas marketing campaign

Christmas is the busiest - and most profitable - time of the year for the majority of UK retailers. Discover our selection of the best Christmas marketing campaigns to get you in the spirit!

Everything you need to know about Black Friday weekend

The 25th and 28th November will see the highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday events take place. A look at the figures showing the impact of this promotional weekend on e-retailers in the U.S. and Europe.

Greece using gamification to fight tax fraud

Greece has recently implemented a new solution to combat tax fraud. If China had not adopted the same idea over 25 years ago, Lucky Cart may have never come into being. A look back at the origins of Promogaming.



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