On a trip to China, Cyril Marchal, founder and President of Lucky Cart, asked for an invoice after eating out in a restaurant. On his bill he discovered a scratch card which turned out to be a chance to win the national lottery. The Chinese government edits invoice masks which are distributed to retailers. Customers, aware of the chance they have of winning, therefore ask retailers for an official invoice. As a result, retailers are obliged to correctly declare their turnover and the Chinese government fights against fraud while minimizing costs.



Shortly after his return to France, Cyril checked whether it was possible to set up games imposing a minimum spend and discovered that it was authorised under European law. Member States are even asked to amend their laws to this end. In France, Article L. 121-35 of the Consumer’s Code was amended on 17 May 2011.


And so the idea was born of offering customers a game of chance in return for making a purchase. For shoppers, the advantage is simple: rather than benefitting from a traditional discount, Promogaming® gives them the opportunity to have their order reimbursed or win any other prize or cash sum. The buying experience is transformed and an emotional tie is created with the customer. For brands and distributors, Promogaming® is an ideal alternative to overused traditional discounts and discount coupons which are less and less effective.



Every day, we are overloaded with thousands of marketing messages. The messages are very often the same and too often speak to the left-hand side of our brain, which controls certainty and calculation. Using Promogaming® is a way of sending customers a message that speaks to the right-hand side of their brain, where hopes and dreams are created. Without shouting louder and therefore paying more, you will be better heard and more effective.


The game experience is one of our priorities. Having the chance to win the contents of your basket, a prize or a cash sum… Lucky Cart didn’t invent that. But being able to interact with a promotion, being offered a choice of promotion and real odds of winning, that’s the Lucky Cart innovation and the DNA of Promogaming® Give it a try; you’ll see that even if you don’t win, you’ll get caught up in the game.

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