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4 ways to spruce up your Christmas marketing campaign

Rose Labdon - Lucky Cart

By Rose Labdon
On 17 November 2016

For the majority of retailers in the UK, Christmas is the busiest – and most profitable – time of the year. This season e-commerce sales are predicted to reach an estimated £16.90 billion, up from £14.65 billion last year, while retail sales are expected to grow 2.5% to reach £42.2 billion.

So, in what ways can you take advantage of the festive season when it comes to marketing campaigns? Here are 4 key examples of great campaigns that we have gathered together to get you in the Christmas spirit!

1. Be creative

Christmas is the season to be creative with your marketing campaigns. Customers spend more time and effort shopping than at any other time of the year, so take advantage of the busy period by using unique, attention-grabbing techniques to win the hearts of your customers. John Lewis took creativity to new levels this year with its long-awaited 2016 Christmas campaign. Consisting not only of a heart-warming TV advert (see below) that has now exceeded 14 million views on Youtube, the campaign also includes lots of extra multi-channel features. One feature appeals to adults and children alike by offering a unique VR experience in selected stores.



2. Establish your point of difference

‘Tis the season to set yourself apart from your competitors and establish your point of difference. Sainsbury’s, in a bid to top the UK big four – which includes Tesco, Asda and Morrisons – came up with a striking advertising campaign for Christmas 2013. The point of difference? The ad featured absolutely no branding or sales techniques. Instead, Sainsbury’s collaborated with Kevin MacDonald, renowned filmmaker and creator of the Youtube hit Life in a Day, to produce a feature-length film entitled Christmas in a Day (see below). The film, which premiered at the Bafta cinema in London, also included separate 40- and 60-second teasers that appeared across all social media channels. As a result, Sainsbury’s connected with real families and reflected real Christmases, miles away from the traditional sales-orientated strategy.



Did you know?

The latest predictions for the festive season show that UK retailers will spend approximately £5.6bn on their Christmas ad campaigns, £300m more than in 2015! What’s more, this quarter, the Guardian reports, will see an increase of 14% in Internet advertising spending, with mobile leading the way.


3. Shift customer perceptions

Christmas can be the perfect chance to shift customer perceptions and be the surprise gift that shoppers were waiting for! Lidl’s 2014 Christmas campaign illustrates this perfectly. Discount supermarkets such as Lidl have a difficult time during the Christmas period because customers tend to buy more expensive products as a treat (it is Christmas, after all!) With the following ad, Lidl demonstrated how discount supermarkets can viably and successfully compete against its high-end equivalents and shift pre-conceived customer perceptions.



4. Build your brand image

Christmas is not just an opportunity for retailers to cash in on festive spending, it is also a chance to build your brand image. A great example is John Lewis’ collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts, a well-known charity which helps to protect nature and British wildlife. As part of its 2016 #BusterTheBoxer marketing campaign, John Lewis is selling a collection of products from ‘Buster’s Garden’, the setting used for the already hugely successful Christmas TV advert. For each soft toy bought online and offline, John Lewis donates 10% of the selling price to The Wildlife Trusts. The effect, according to Craig Inglis, customer director at John Lewis, is to encourage more children to discover a love of British wildlife and encourage support of the Wildlife Trusts.


John Lewis Christmas Marketing Campaign 2016

Image source: http://www.johnlewis.com/christmas-advert


And so, Christmas not only marks the occasion for extravagant ad campaigns but also the chance for retailers to use a variety of marketing strategies. As John Lewis demonstrated with its 2015 ‘Man in the Moon’ campaign, which received more than 11m Youtube hits even before its TV debut, Christmas is not only an investment in one stand-alone television advert, but an investment in a multi-channel strategy that targets a broad audience.

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